• GalleryTapestryBeloved740x261

    Beloved – 2002

      Using almost a greyscale palette, the tapestry “Beloved,” 1st Place winner at Convergence 2004 Mountain’s Majesty exhibit, offers a mediative serenity as the feather imagery seemingly rests in midair. The feather as object seems very stable and substantial in the woven medium of tapestry, the challenge being to visually move it out of the […]

  • RugRedRep681x465WP

    Swedish Ripsmatta Rug

    Rep weave cotton rug, reversible 24″ x 36″

  • Hand-dyed Cotton Rug


    Hand-Dyed Cotton Rug, broken twill, 32″x 90″

  • SunriseSunset740web

    Krokbragd Rug

      Sunrise, Sunset, Norwegian Krokbragd technique, 57″x 33″, hand-dyed wool and cotton warp

  • Weaving 'Resolution' on a 64" Glimåkra countermarche loom
  • MFA Exhibit 2000
  • 2000, 90"x52" in wool, linen, silk, and rayon. Krokbragd-tapestry technique.


        2000, Krokbragd-tapestry technique in wool, linen, silk, and rayon, 90″x52


Triple-ply Navajo Churro on Diné (Navajo) Spindle

Navajo Spindle – Spinning a Single

  The Diné (Navajo) use a thigh spindle to create a single yarn and also to make a triple-ply of the single yarn to use for edge cords on rugs. Churro sheep are the traditional breed. They have a double coat, long guard hairs with a shorter, softer inner wool. Sometimes the guard hairs are pulled […]


Southwestern-style Weaving Workshop

Southwestern-style Tapestry Weaving Workshop July 27-29, 2015 Instructor: Judy Ann Ness The workshop offers an opportunity to explore the unique tapestry techniques of the Southwestern United States. Warping will be done in the traditional way, and the basic structure of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal patterning will be practiced on a 10″ x 16″ sampler. The use […]


Spinning Basics

Spinning is an ancient art. Wool spins easily and keeps the twist because the individual fibers have natural twist (crimp) and tiny scales that help keep the structure. It is flexible, traps air in the fiber to offer warmth even when wet, is soil resistant, flame resistant, and soaks up body odors. It’s just about […]


Rainbows from a Crockpot

  Crockpot Dyeing is an easy way to dye fiber at home using a standard crockpot. Safety issues will be listed with the attached instruction sheet. Please read and follow them. This project is for rainbow dyeing fleece with one-step acid dyes, using all three primary colors to get a full prism of hues. Making […]


Norwegian Textile Guild

The Norwegian Textile Guild (NTG) formed in 1994 with the aims of studying Norwegian weaving techniques, expanding knowledge by translating key publications from Norwegian to English, compiling bibliographies of publications on the topics related to Norwegian textiles, and registering traditional textiles in private collections. In addition to a quarterly newsletter, the group stays in touch […]


Norwegian Rya – Rya Study Group

The Rya Study Group was an international group of interested weavers, textile scholars, and enthusiasts focused on different aspects of this ancient pile coverlet technique. An exhibit of woven works was mounted at the 2009 Norwegian Textile Conference in Decorah. RSG member’s projects and research was compiled into a booklet for research and Museum use […]


Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum

  In the old days, Norwegian immigrants wrote back to Norway about Vesterheim, their western home. Today, the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa explores the diversity of American immigration through the lens of Norwegian-American experience, showcases the best in historic and contemporary Norwegian folk and fine arts, and preserves living traditions through classes in Norwegian culture […]


Norwegian Krokbragd Technique

  The Norwegian Krokbragd technique creates a reversible rug. One side is patterned with the typical lozenge shapes and the opposite side shows a geometric design. Krokbragd translates as ‘crooked line/path.’ It is in the boundweave family. Boundweaves are weft-faced, loom-controlled textiles. They are twill-like and work very well on point twill threading. The sett […]

Red Rep, 24" x 36"

Swedish Ripsmatta – Rep Weave

  Swedish Ripsmatta is a plain weave structure used for sturdy rugs. It is a warp-faced plain weave. The warps are set closely, 24 to 30 ends per inch if using an 8/4 cotton carpet warp or 5/2 perle cotton. The weft has two yarn sizes. A thick weft and a thin weft are thrown […]